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Choosing the right learning center is an important first step when you want to reinforce your understanding of a specific subject. At Richmond Regency Square Eye Level Learning Center, our instructors are here to improve your overall comprehension, and we welcome students of every age and expertise. We'll do what it takes to accommodate your needs, and our staff are ready to consult with you about your goals. 

We're proud of the reputation we've developed at Eye Level Learning Center of Richmond Regency Square, and our instructors are committed to helping you succeed. Our attention to detail sets us apart, and we'll make sure you're comfortable with a specific subject before moving forward. Let us show you how rewarding our self-directed learning program can be. We can assist with Math, Reading and Writing, and our instructors are dedicated to client satisfaction. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:4 -1:5, the center ensures that your child receives one-on-one instruction, so that he/she is able to progress through the different levels, with ease and confidence.  The center takes great care in lesson planning and each lesson plan is especially created to tailor to each child's individual needs.

The center director Ms. Gargi Pal is an experienced educator and possesses 20+ years of experience in teaching and coaching including owning and running a learning center. She has an MA degree in English Literature and an MBA from The College of William and Mary. 

Eye Level Learning Center of Richmond Regency Square is the learning center you can trust. We'll quickly respond to your requests, and our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side each step of the way. Don't wait another day to become more confident about your Math and English skills. To hear more about our learning program and schedule your initial consultation, call today at 804-350-7545




In 2012, we met Gargi Pal when she spearheaded Kumon in Mechanicsville, VA. Our son Jacob was 4 years old at the time and in Pre-K with Richmond Public Schools. Gargi was very patient, inspiring and passionate about Jacob’s development in phonics. In PreK, they did not do much testing so while I felt like he was doing well, I still was unsure if he was ahead or just on the level he needed be. It was not until the beginning of the following school year where he was tested and scored exceptionally well. He was also reading in Kindergarten. I knew that this was a direct result of Kumon. Gargi closed the Mechanicsville location and we had the option to attend other Kumon locations. In my heart, I did not feel any of the locations were a fit for us and had no idea where Gargi was. I heard great things about the other locations but what I saw was an operation; I did not see that complete genuine interest for Jacob’s excellence. We took some time away from Kumon with the hopes of finding the “right fit”. Two school years passed and I was on the verge of signing with Mathnasium. One day I ventured to the Quoccasin area and visited K’dari Salon next door to Eye Level. As I was in the car waiting for my stylist, I looked at the Eye Level sign and took a flyer. I began reading over the flyer and noticed Gargi was the director. I had never heard of Eye Level but I knew if Gargi was affiliated, it had to be great. I was so thrilled and knew the wait was over. As I met with Gargi and learned about Eye Level, there was no hesitation that we were going to sign Jacob at this facility. She showed the same interest, compassion and dedication as she did in 2012. We are now with the Eye Level family and very excited about this journey. I truly believe it was divine intervention that brought us back together.
--Toshia and Daniel, Parents of Jacob (2nd Grade Linwood Holton Elementary)

The curriculum is exciting and doable for my 4-yr old twins. I have already noticed progress after less than 3 months in my son comprehension and ability to focus. My daughter's writing is getting better and she is able to focus and take directions too. The director of the center really cares about the kids and wants to make sure that kids learn, progress and enjoy. I have already recommended Eye Level to several of my friends.
--Birgitte Danielsen

I see improvement in my kid after joining Eye Level. Great experience..Thanks to Gargi ..
--Vasantha Sudarshay

I loved the service! Eye Level has helped our child excel in math and reading which reflects in the school as well. We are satisfied by the program.
--Mona Bhatia

Gargi Pal truly embraces Eye Level’s effective and fun learning principles at her center. She was a center director and instructor for a competitor's franchisee. But she came to know about Eye Level about three years ago from a friend. When she was looking for a curriculum that is aligned with the school system in US for her daughters, she started researching on Eye Level curriculum and was intrigued by their critical thinking in math and, relevant and culturally aligned materials in English curriculum. Since making the switch, she has been committed to providing excellent academic service to the community. Gargi has a BA and a MA in English and a MBA. She possesses 20 years of experience in teaching and related services.


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